Hartley Homes & Consulting is a custom home builder with it's focus on 'delivering the look and function exactly as promised". We have more than 30 years experience in new home construction and home renovations. At Hartley Homes, we specialize in Kelowna Custom Home Building.

Home Building At Affordable Cost Kelowna

High quality home building at affordable cost Kelowna

Hartley Homes & Consulting is one of the leading names in the world of home building. Our wide experience in this field has helped us to create some marvellous properties in the last 5 years at a very average budget. With the best designers, architects and managers, our aim lies in not only meeting your expectation but also exceeding it in reality.

We provide the best home building at affordable cost Kelowna so that you can enjoy the rest your life in a beautiful home with our family.

We provide better home building at affordable cost Kelowna

Planning a home is a very important thing for most of us. If you are thinking to build your dream house in reality then tell us about it. Our designers, architects, and other managers will tell you about the best way of home building at affordable cost Kelowna.

We can assure you a perfect solution to your doubts and hesitations.

Our experienced team will handle your project with utmost care and attention for the best conclusion in the end. With our passion for building better homes, we will work with you and bring your imagination into reality.